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  • Elsie's Dairy Truck (2000) Elsie's Dairy Truck (2000)
    Elsie's Dairy Truck No. 74500 - manufactured in 2000, it is in a limited series of 6,000. Elsie the cow clangs the bell as this toy is pulled along.
  • Hot Dog Wagon (2001) Hot Dog Wagon (2001)
    Hot Dog Wagon No. 75001, only 5,500 were reproduced in 2001. The "Hot Dog Wagon" was born at Fisher-Price in 1938. Pull the cord and Hot Dog clangs the bell.
  • My 1st Boat My 1st Boat
    Pull this little wood tugboat along with removable wood passenger who also serves as a whistle and front wood block buoy.
  • Wooden Recycle Truck Wooden Recycle Truck
    Use the wooden Recycle Truck to help clean up the environment. The Wooden Recycle Truck comes with 3 wood recycle bins, 2 wood peg people and a removable top.

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