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Circus Parade - Woodsy Animals (2005)
Part Number HZTT02
Circus Parade - Woodsy Animals (2005)
Circus Parade
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In 2005 the Toy Town Museum celebrated Fisher-Price's 75th Anniversary with the introduction of the "Circus Parade". Originally produced in 1932 by Fisher-Price, this special edition becomes a highlight to anyone's  collection. This toy is significant in Fisher-Price's history as the first circus set and themed play set with multiple parts. To ensure the integrity and beauty of the artwork of this toy, it has the lithographic labels have been reproduced directly from the original archive pieces. Originally illustrated by Margaret Evans Price, the wife of Fisher-Price co-founder Irving Price, the circus includes 5 of the original 5 circus animals , a wood ball, barrel, teeter-totter and stand, all stored in a collectible drum container celebrating Fisher-Price's 75th Anniversary and the 19th annual Toy Fest. Circus Parade.  Limited to only 3000 pieces only a few remain available today.  Place your order today!! The Circus Parade was built by Holgate Toy Company for the Toy Town Museum.

Animal figures are roughly 4" tall.

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