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Green Business Practices
When we think about green business practices our business could engage in,
we tend to think of the obvious things that we hear about everyday such as the
use of energy and water and emissions of carbon. However there are other
less obvious ways for a business to go green, for example choosing
sustainable wood products for your furniture, office fit-out or the construction
of a new building. Choosing wood from sustainably managed forests or using
reclaimed wood or fast growing wood can reduce the
environmental impacts of your business.
Approximately 13 million hectares of forest is lost each year.
This is an alarming rate considering the important role forests play in
sustaining life on earth and providing habitat for many species.
The clearing of forests for agriculture and the use of wood either
as fuel or as a product itself, affects the amount of carbon dioxide
in the air as well as the biodiversity of the planet. As a result
there are strong reasons for ensuring that forests are managed
sustainably so the resources they provide will be available for
future generations. Demand by consumers for sustainable wood
products is one of the drivers for sustainable forest management.

Sustainably Managed Forests

One way to reduce your environmental impact is to choose wood
products from sustainably managed forests. The Forest
Stewardship Council (FSC) is a not for profit organisation that provides
a voluntary international certification for forests to show they
are managed sustainably. A certified forest must adhere to the FSC
principles and criteria. The FSC also has a ‘chain of custody’
certification for product manufacturers to show they use responsibly produced timber.
Holgate is a proud member of the FSC.
Non-Toxic Finishes
All Holgate finishes are non-toxic and meet all government ASTM regulations.
We use water base finishes so they are safe for young toddlers. 
In fact on some toys like the Slider Baby Rattle we use no finish - just
a very smooth hand sanded piece of hard maple wood. 
This is the same tree that provides us maple syrup. 
Please order we confidence that Holgate toys are educational,
safe, and sturdy, and Made in the USA!  Thank you.
Cleaning Your Holgate Toys
Go to www.toytips.com and check out their toy cleaner. I have known
Marianne the owner for 20 yrs - she developed a all natural toy cleaner. 
She is selling to Wegmans.   Marianne is "up" on Holgate toys - just
loves our product line and the clock in particular (ever since we first introduced it),
and just last week featured one of our toys on her website.